Cassandra called!!
It has been a very rough week, but they made it to Stehekin on Monday, just one day later than planned.  They bought a hotel room for a few days.
They have had to hike in lots of snow every day, and need an extra day or two to rest up and heal some swollen ankles, knees and shins from all the post holing.
One story Cassandra shared ...
"We had been hiking most of the day one day, and were going through a very big snowfield.  All of a sudden for no explainable reason, except that God put it there, about a 6 foot long snow-free patch of trail appeared.  So, we stopped for a bite to eat.  As we were eating it suddenly started to rain, and then hail buckets, and then lighting and thunder cracked about us.  We quickly set up our tarp right there in that 6 foot clearing and spent the night.  If it had not been for that 6 foot clearing we would have had to sleep in the snow, and that would have been a very cold and miserable night.  Thank you, GOD!" (Sort of paraphrased)

It has been a very difficult hike so far.  Much more difficult than expected.  They are very tired, but plan to head out for Stevens Pass in a couple days.  The weather hasn't really been too bad.  But cloudy almost all of the time.  Mostly, the deep snow has been very difficult. They covet all prayers!

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