Kady just forwarded this note from Cassandra that she wrote on the 15th, the day they began their trek.  Pics to come ...

Six in the morning came too quickly!  All I wanted to do was cuddle up into the covers and sleep for a couple more hours. : )

It’s been so much work to get to this point…I can barely believe we’re on our way to the trail!  We’ve thought of this moment for so long that it seems surreal to actually be living it out—I feel a little like I’m on auto-pilot. 

            I look back on the last day and a half and see so many hands that have helped us get to this point.  Gratitude is an abundant feeling in my heart.  The community that supports us is a generous one…We love you guys!

            The weather is currently rainy…oh well. : )

            We picked up some fresh food at a grocery store, and gave our friend Thom some Canadian money to commemorate his first trip to the country!  Now we’re back on our way—almost there…

            Our first task when we get there is to meet a couple who are also starting—they needed fuel somehow and we were able to get it for them, so it’s cool to be starting off and already helping others.

            This will be our last message until we send our journal pages out from Stehekin.  Rich, thank you again and again for keeping our readers updated.  It means so much to us!

            The first week is sure to be interesting so we welcome your prayers, friends.  Thank you for your support! 


6/19/2010 04:02:33 am

Thanks Rich for keeping us updated. Is here any possibility that if I mail you a letter or note of encouragement you can include it in one of the resupply boxes that you mail? If so provide me an address. You can leave it here or email me at [email protected]




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