We now have 28 supply boxes packed away in our closet.  We will mail them at just the right time so that they will be waiting for Jason and Cassandra at Post Offices along the trail.  It was a late night getting ready.

The Blue Bus didn't want to run, so before before completing the day, Jason drove it to the local mechanic to have it looked into.  Personally, I think it just needs a good tune-up.  Jason thinks it's gas ... I think it's electrical.  We'll see who wins the bet on this one!

The Lands, T-home and Megan drove Boyes to the trailhead.  In Canada.  Boyes plan to hike 7 miles today, and spend their first night tonight just inside the U.S. border.  The snow level is suppose to be at 5,000 feet tonight and Wednesday.

Now waitint to hear back for Lands.


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