Our sleeping quilt all in pieces

It's such a wonderful feeling to crawl into your sleeping bag after a good day of hiking-tummy full from a tasty dinner but now feeling the chill of the night creeping through your bones.  We will carry this essential piece of gear through the snow-covered state of Washington, but then, we're going to switch to something a little different...

For the fun of it, we're joining the very few who have decided to go a different route from the traditional sleeping bag-a sew your own project...not a sleeping bag, but a sleeping quilt!   Our quilt is designed to go over the both of us and simply tuck in under our sides.  It will have a foot cup where we can tuck our feet into, and possibly a zipper running from side to side-That way we can halve it and each carry a piece. We're uncertain whether or not to install the zipper...We're weighing out the pros and cons...literally.

A disaster really could have occurred the other day when we started this project. Jason and I, well let's just say that our batting average for working well together on projects is a little less than .300!  I think I've narrowed it down to the fact that we're really more similar than first perceived, but just on two different wave-lengths.  We're working on this...but we started sewing two panels together, then another two. Jason  sat on the kitchen table and diligently held the fabric taught, while I, muscles tight from nervousness, stared down at the moving needle, trying to get the straightest line possible.  "How's the underside?" I'd ask.  Jason would check to make sure there weren't any loops in the stitching.  "Good."  Alright, keep sewing!  

Team work.  It feels so good to see it as it should be.  Must be why we like to teach it...

Working together on all the little details, or the big ones like how we're going to stay warm, this dream continues to unfold before us!  Step-by-step, panel-by-panel even.  Stay tuned for the finished product!  And now, in honor of our pals at YD Adventures, a special word on teamwork...
3/15/2010 12:06:39 pm

excited for you both! don't bump into people when heading south


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