Overjoyed to be with friends again!
Happy New Year everyone!

Jason and I have made it through the push of the Holiday season at work and finally have had some days off this past week...glorious!  It's like a town stop with no hiking to do!  We enjoyed a nice Christmas morning with our dear Rich and Cindy and celebrated the New Year by staying warm and cozy in our apartment, watching the New York ball drop on the tele.  We've also had some fantastic company in the last couple of weeks, and really enjoyed their presence in the midst of the craziness.

Life is so different off of the trail.  We've adjusted but Jason and I still think of our hike everyday.  :) Our hearts are still drawn to backpacking, and the new map on our wall for inspiration is of the Ice Age trail in Wisconsin...fun to think about...

We've gained all of our weight back :(  and Jason still finds his feet sore in the morning...I just feel out of shape...need to go hike again.

During this season last year, we were scouring the internet to read other's accounts of their hikes and doing general preparations for our own...and now I think of the next round of thru-hiker-hopefuls and I beam at the thought of their anticipation  and how exciting it is to have such an adventure on the horizon!  

We hope this finds you in anticipation of an upcoming adventure, however big or small!

For now, here are new pictures from Echo Lake, CA to Yosemite Valley.  I again, placed them with my accompanying journal entry...here's the link:


A stunning view of Half Dome

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