Hi everyone!  As you know, we're all done with our PCT adventure....Oh my goodness!  We still can't believe it, but we've really enjoyed some time together on our very first cruise and also with our friends Josh and Sara here in San Diego. 

We still  wake up everyday with sore muscles and find any small amount of physical exertion completely tiring!   But we've definitely been able to relax and rest in a horizontal position, and we've put back on all our weight ;)  Well, maybe not exactly!

We'll be putting on the rest of our journals and pictures, and I know it may seem a bit anti-climactic, but I'm going to try and put at least the pictures on chronologically...so stay tuned for the finale pictures!  We had some fun celebratory items to use for our pictures and Sara was able to have a little photo shoot with us-so they're pretty good! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours-we're heading to Arizona to visit Jason's brother and his family, and then soon we'll be back home in Washington!  Home to the snow....yikes!
Curt and Lisa
11/23/2010 06:09:59 am

Have an awesome Thanksgiving! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!

Mama Cindy
11/26/2010 11:48:30 pm

Hi you two!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We really did here. We have 4+ inches of snow and winter activities are getting ready to roll. It is a beautiful winter morning here. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Let us know if you need transportation from the airport or where ever. Love you!!

Leslie Cabezas
11/30/2010 06:12:17 am

Hello Jason and Cassandra,

My name is Leslie Cabezas, my husband and I are very close friends with Ramoza.

Please contact me asap.We received your card for Ramzova (Kurt Grossman). We received a letter from him from Mohavi city and we were suppose to hear from him mid November from Idywild. We have not heard from him and are very worried for him. Please call me @ 858.222.9091

Thank you kindly,
Ladali d.d.


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