Heather Darnell
5/23/2010 01:40:44 pm

WOW!! I mean, Wow!! I guess you did see a bear! I used to be terrified of the thought. I am more comfortable with the idea now, but still - that is one big Bear!!

On another note, I have read a few other blogs, and the Washashores caught my eye. They refer to another Sobo, which you must have read, but in case not:

He is just a riot to read, although crude in parts. Sponsored, so there was fascinating (for me) information about gear.

Glad you got your oatmeal ;) Been thinging of my favorites - homemade granola, from things like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds - all great high -calorie yet fairly light weight because they are so dense in nutrition. I sweeten mine with raisins, which are high in iron. Maybe you'll enjoy some of that kind of variety? If you want more info, I'll get the book and author name for you...


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