The stress has been building lately...I've been doing my best to try and stay on top of the to-do list.  I know it will all get done, though.  What really gets me, is the way that I poorly handle my relationship with Jason.  I feel like my fuse has been really short lately...I have a low tolerance for his questions, I'm taking things he says to me in the wrong way-I'm just a walking jumble of high-strung emotions.  Do I want to be this way?  Ofcourse not!  So what's going on?.....

This morning I woke up, made my coffee, and I realized that I desperately needed to spend some time with God.  It's been a little while, and when I get wrapped up in the details of my life, and do not make that time a priority, the proverbial saying comes to my mind, "The sh*t hits the fan".  (Hopefully that doesn't offend anybody, but I think we all universally understand it's context!  :)   )  I sat at the table, all alone, sipped my coffee, and just kind of let some things off of my chest, as if my Lord were sitting there with me, enjoying his own Latte. :)  I spoke about how I was feeling, what I was recognizing as  poor behavior, how I wanted to be, what I could use as "divine intervention" if you will...just a little coffee chat.  I prayed for this big adventure, for Jason river-rafting today...Then I thought to go outside.

On the porch, I continued to "chat" with Him, and I immensely enjoyed the sunshine on my face, the view of the distant mountains with snow on them, the sounds of the Aspen leaves blowing and birds chirping...My heart, after experiencing all of that, was filled to overflowing...Peace, stability, strength-they're companions of mine again.

This my friends, is what it looks like for me when I have an encounter with my Papa. He takes all that I have to bring to the table, He wraps it up in His arms, and He says to me "This we can deal with...Together."  And that alone is the difference between stress, and peace.

I hope Peace is your companion today.
Heather Darnell
6/5/2010 02:32:19 pm

Was praying for you guys tonight at prayer. Then I came to your post just now, and it really brings tears to my eyes (partly cause I have been in the same place all day!.) We are blessed to have such an awesome Dad!!!

Will conitnue praying for your trip!


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