Rich here ...
We talked with Cassandra Sunday night.
They got inot Mojave on Saturday and pretty much just stayed in the motel room for a day to rest up. 
They have been eating as many calories as possible while in Mohave.
They found dessert hiking to be hot and dry.  They only had 2 water opportunities in 5 days.  At each one they reconstituted food ahead, and filled water bottles.  They did just fine, but were glad to get to unlimited water for a couple of days.
They promised that pictures are on the way.  Hopefully, I'll get them posted right away?
This morning they will have breakfast with Yannick and Shirley, and another SOBO couple.  Then all 6 plan to start hiking together.
They are in good spirits
Curt Esteb
10/13/2010 08:39:28 am

Thinking about you guys on a warm and beautiful day in Fall City. Can't wait to see the new pic's... Cheers, Curt


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