Hi everyone!  Just wanted to write a quick post about our last resupply stop-
We made it to Wrightwood and were very blessed by getting rides to and from the trail and also by having a great place to stay at Ray's home-one of the many people in town who offer their homes for hikers to stay in...it's a really friendly town for hikers, which was so much appreciated.

We left Wrightwood Monday morning after a good breakfast, and then as we were walking, Jason made the observation that if we walked long enough, we could get to the Best Western at Cajon Pass-around 10 pm...crazy!  But why not? ;)  So we walked and walked, in and out and up and over...we were so sore last night!!  But it's so cool walking at night that we really enjoyed it and thought it was worth it...

We rested well and now we're off to Big Bear-our plan is to get there on Friday!  There's about 340 miles left and we're just lovin' this part of the journey...

Until Big Bear!

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