it was a bit of hopeful thinking expecting to find some amazing deal online as we parked in a gas station lot and shared somebody’s wireless service.  we tried hotwire, expedia, travelocity, but didn’t find any amazing deals, so we tried the ol’ walk in with puppy dog eyes.  we decided on seaside, oregon instead of astoria, or (home of the movie goonies) and went downtown and walked into a nice hotel on the beach.  it was a saturday night and needless to say all of the beachside rooms were booked, so we walked outside to the more dumpy looking one next door, but the price made us cringe.  we looked at each other and decided to head back to the van for a talk.  there was something about how these hotels were right on top of each other, that made me get the feeling that i just didn’t want to be here, so we drove just a little ways down the beach looking at other options.  one parking lot caught our eye, we walked in, asked the rate, it was about 50 bucks cheaper than the other places and the view was incredible.  

we had a wonderful evening and even got up early the next morning for a walk on the beach.  we milked the rest of the morning until check out at 1pm, hopped back in the van and headed north with the destination of snoqualmie, wa.

we have an adopted family there that have taken us in for the past 4 fall seasons as we work on their team building challenge course located at their house.  they are an incredibly gracious and giving familly and we love going “home” there.  

it was pretty exciting to roll into the driveway and know that the van had made it almost 3000 miles with only minor hick ups.  that makes the money worth it...well sort of.

2 days working on the course there and then we headed to the seattle airport to pick up cassandra’s friend katie for our next adventure....


oh, we also stopped by the tillimook cheese factory, just after filling up with gas and having the attendant and a buddy freak out because gas from leaking from our tank as we were driving away.  oh, the lifestyle of a vw van.

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