A painting of Peter and John healing the crippled man-by Raphael
It has been crazy these last couple of days!  I would never have imagined all of the things that have just happened to us...the van breaking down while we were trying to relocate all of our belongings to Snoqualmie,  having dinner at a Mexican Restaurant with sweaty-sock tasting Margaritas and a Magician, having our van miraculously make it home, seeing several friends last-minute at church in Snoqualmie (Estebs, Mr. Hume, Kristin Moomaw, Monty, Marty-LOVE all of you guys!), seeing Jason working on the van with his shirt off  ;)   ,  having a fantastic dinner with the Crams after again, miraculously making it back to Plain, then having the van break down...again.  Late nights, many details, lots of lists......We have ONE.  more.  day.

I tell you though, it has not been boring around here!  If you want to see God show up, just get ready for some kind of big trip.  You're sure to see Him.  :) 

While we were stranded our first time in Issaquah, what came to my mind was a reminder from the sermon at church that morning.  In the fourth chapter of Acts, we see two of the Apostles thrown into jail after having been moved by the Holy Spirit to heal a man who was crippled since birth.  Thousands of people came to believe in this man Jesus of Nazareth, because of what they had seen done to this man, so we can assume that the Apostles, along with being Spirit-filled, were aligned with God's will, right?..and where did it get them?  Jail. 

How did that happen?  We so often believe that following Christ comes with a life of safety, and that uncomfortable situations just don't really happen...Well I think we can learn a lot from our dear Apostles that sometimes, even when living in the sight of God, life CAN get uncomfortable.  The Apostles stood before the most important people the next day in 'court', and stood firm in their faith in Jesus and didn't back down, even when threatened....THOUSANDS were added the the numbers of those who put their belief in Jesus...

Friends, do believe that it's for a greater good that you may be in that place.  God works in mysterious ways and He simply calls us to Love Him, and Love others.  Fret not the small details, for even the birds of the air are fed daily, and have places to make their nests, and are we not more valuable than they are?  (Matthew 6:25-34)

Now off I go to create order out of chaos-Pray for us ;)
Jessica Drollette
6/14/2010 03:05:56 pm

Hi J&C! Good luck on the first days on the trail! And Happy Bday Jason! LOVE your blog, so much positive energy I feel when I read it, thank you. We are 700 miles into our trip now, wow, it has been awesome. We are in Kennedy Meadows, hiking out tomorrow to do a 12 day stretch in the High Sierras. Still a lot of snow, but the weather looks good and we are so excited to get into the mountains! Whenever we have internet access I always forget to look you guys up, so glad I finally found you! Looking at your itinerary we may see you around Crater Lake...
We wish we were hiking with you in the same direction, but we can't wait to see you and maybe spend a night with you on the trail when we cross paths. And we can't wait to hear from you some stories about your first days on the trail. It has been challenging for us so far, but so much easier than the CDT was, and everday so much fun, never taking a second of it for granted. Anyways, the planning is over for you guys finally, time to DO! Hey, email me at [email protected] if you get the chance, we'd love to send you guys some of our email updates and photos. Love, Jess and Tradja (and I still don't have a trail name yet...1900 miles to go...we shall see...)


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