pretend that this is an up to date picture of the explosion that has happened in our living room, full of food, boxes, gear, and a plethora of other things.

unbelievable,  i'm sure that i write this all the time but, time is flying!!  cassandra has been working really hard, seriously, really hard to get all of the food ordered, bought, separated, zip-locked, packed, etc, and she is doing an awesome job.  a decision was made early on that i would leave the food to her, not just because i'm lazy and don't feel like helping, but because we have different views on food and its a battle that is not worth fighting.  i am really amazed at the research and time that she has been putting into it.  way to go wife!!  she is not skimping on anything, well maybe a little on the jello pudding, its not organic. :)

so the gear is just about done, just need to put some of it in the resupply boxes.  i've been meaning to figure out my base pack weight, but keep getting distracted, so that will have to wait for another day.  things are looking great though, the weather is starting to warm up, which means that snow is melting in the mountains.
we haven't been out training as much as we would like to be, there just seems to be so much else going on between packing, river rafting, and getting ready to leave for 5 months, there hasn't really been a lot of time to go out hiking, well actually we just haven't made it a priority and figured that it is more important to have food and gear for the trip and that we will be able to get in hiking shape on the trip.  

so, much like this little blog entry, my mind seems to be all over the place.  i find it hard to keep planning and looking over maps, etc., i really just want to be on the trail and get this adventure started.  we have been asked the question, "are you getting excited for your trip?" about a million times and no offense to those of you who have asked it, but that question alone makes me want to head off into the wild and away from people for awhile.  we love you though and are excited to share this journey with you.

alright, time to go make wife some pancakes.

6/9/2010 04:05:08 pm

Looking at the SEVERE weather alerts for the Eastern and Western Cascades today, I can't help but be a little concerned for you two! We have been DELUGED here in Western Wa, and I wondered if that meant snow "up there". Well, according to the weather report, there was rain, then snow, so now the base is unstable and there is a high avalanche probability!
Hopefully this will have settled by the time you leave...but - is there a chance you could postpone your trip until you know better about the snow conditions?

6/11/2010 04:43:02 pm

Heather, sorry we didn't respond right away :) We're so busy, and I'm so tired but I thought I would comment back...

We actually just heard an update on the radio today concerning this, and what they said was to be cautious on anything over 8000 ft. elevation...which, the highest we'll be going is about 7000, so we're just going for it ;) Full speed ahead...No worrying allowed!

Thank you for your continued prayers, by the way! I loved reading your previous comment...


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