Rich here ...
We tlaked for a long time to Jason and Cassandra last nigth, Sunday, Oct. 3rd.
They were at Kennedy Meadows General Store.  They didi not plan to spend the night there, since it is camping only.  Since they have to camp, they thought they might as well do that on the trail.  However, since we tlaked until dark, they may have decided to stay the night there!
The resupply box was waiting for them, and they needed it.  They were pretty much out of food.  And, here I thought it looked like overkill on the last resupply box.  But, that one had to last them 8 days.
They were in very good spirits.  Their bodies are holding up well, and they have seen some spectacular scenery.  It was pretty warm days, and cool nights.  Only once did they have to deal with a snow squall.
Cassandra downed 2 double cheeseburgers upon arrival.  Jason was in disbelief!!

On a side note, on Thursday Cindy got the missing package, a bear cannister, that never showed up previously.  It appears the delivery address had gotten wet and became unreadable.  They are glad at this point just to get the cannister back.

Well ... it's on to Mojave in hopefully 5 days.  The next resupply is at Motel 6!  There they hope to find a comfortable bed.  I think they might even get a swimming pool!!
10/4/2010 02:25:51 am

Happy to hear you are both safe and sound. Also, very grateful to hear that your bodies are strong enough to with hold the 'TORTURES' you are putting them through! All is well, here. We look forward to your posts and can't wait to hear about your journey in person! Love Aunt Mimi

10/5/2010 03:39:49 am

Hey Boyes...Miss you guys! Jason, we played soccer at youth group last night. I thought of you often, tried to mimic your awesome moves. I'm not quite as efficient but it worked some. Missed the soccer this summer though. We're starting bball next week, and really looking forward to when you can join us. Sounds like you are well, we're so glad to hear it. Just throwing it out, don't know if you've planned or talked about it yet, but what would it look like for us to come and pick you guys up when you are done? Is that appealing or does 20 hour car drive not sound cool at all? Just wanted to present it. What would the timing look like? Call us we can chat about it. Love you guys,

Eric Bow
10/5/2010 05:19:10 am

Watch your water. Except for the Kern River there are no streams or creeks flowing in the desert and half the springs are dry. Look for water caches along the way and you may be surprised how many you come across. Good luck with the Southern section of the PCT. From my recent experience it's a definite letdown from the High Sierras. Another challenge you'll have to deal with, but with 2000 miles under your belts I know you'll be able to handle it. As for me, I'm at the Sauffley's in Agua Dulce. Heading out tomorrow for the border, which I should reach on October 21st. Keep on hiking! ERIC SOBO

10/10/2010 01:41:56 pm

Been following your progress for a while..preparing to nobo in April 2011 so I'm on the PCT here in socal often getting in shape! Maybe will see you at Mt. Laguna in a few weeks!


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