Coon Lake-Our first PCT lake that wasn't frozen over! What an enjoyable moment it was to stop and stare...
June 21

Cassandra:  It felt amazing knowing that we were walking out to Stehekin this day.  The trail was free of snow, there were flowers and birds and beautiful waterfalls-and people!  Yesterday, while eating dinner underneath the bathroom building at the Bridge Creek Trailhead, we had a guy named Cas stop to check up on us and just chat for awhile.  It was so fun talking with him because he was very familiar with what we just went through and that empathy was the best thing in the world at that moment!  So running into other people along the trail was a real highlight for me.  I was startled by Nick, a Ranger who was out on the trail checking on conditions-I just wasn't used to running into people!  Especially around corners!  We chatted with him for a little while, and Jason even mentioned to him that he lost his sunglasses and Nick said if he found them, he would mail them out!  Awesome.  

Unfortunately though, we were doing over 15 miles, and a lot of it was downhill.  By this point, both of us were hobbling pretty bad.  By the time we made it to the Bridge Creek campground, our injuries were so swollen and we were hurting!  Although the homemade mac 'n cheese that we had really hit the spot!  Mmmmmm...We knew we would make the last bus into Stehekin so we rested there for awhile, which was very much needed.  The weather was so pleasant, too.  

Getting to High Bridge, the trailhead where we would catch the bus into Stehekin, there was such a tangible feeling that 'We had made it'.  We did it...

Now what?  :)
Curt Esteb
6/27/2010 04:17:30 pm

Good work you guys through the North Cascades! I was praying for you.
You deserve the break at Stehikin.
Cheers, Curt.


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