Cassandra:  Again I didn't write this in my journal, but just some thoughts..Getting to Glacier Pass and walking under Tatie Peak, I felt so discouraged by how far it seemed like we needed to go.  It was essentially about eight miles of traversing the sides of the mountains in the snow.  Some parts were steeper than others, and since it went in a big half-moon shape, we could see where we needed to go a lot of the time!  And it seemed so far away!  I had to self-arrest myself at one point-the snow just gave way underneath me.  I was fine, but still...arghhh..

Actually getting to Glacier Pass felt so good.  Now we were at lower elevation and we were now descending below snow-level, and boy did that feel great!  Even though I was now hurting pretty bad with my achilles, it felt so good to move through the miles so much more easily.  And we had pretty nice weather this day.  The flowers along Brush Creek were a welcome sight!  And then we started moving back up...towards snow...

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