Still awaiting Jason's return....

I've been following a group of hikers on the internet, who were hiking southbound from Stehekin.  At some point, they should have intersected Jason, who again is going north to Stehekin.  But I just saw today that they hiked out and are now in a town down the road from Steven's Pass!  That means that they skipped a big portion of that section, and it makes me wonder why?  And hopefully that Jason is all right out there...

In the meantime, I've been continuing to see improvement with my knee and heel, although not %100 better yet.  I'm ready to get back out there though.  And the weather is supposed to improve drastically this week so I'm really looking forward to what could be in store...

Keep praying for Jason, please!  Thank you for that :)
7/5/2010 08:50:36 pm

Hey guys,

Just ran across your blog...I'm planning on hiking the PCT in '11, so I just discovered the beauty of current blogs. I've been touched by yours, very a fellow Christian, I'll be praying for your safety, your healing from your injuries, and to stay positive and hopeful.

God Bless,


Cassandra Boyes
7/6/2010 09:29:17 am

Hi Dug!

Thanks so much for writing those encouraging words to us-we really value that. It's great that you ran across us and we hope that our journal continues to bless you. We've loved coming across other believers through this journal and think that it's so cool to see how God can connect his people with one another-in many different ways! :)

We also have completely enjoyed reading others' journals-when we were still dreaming, then planning, and even now. Let us know if you're ever curious about anything specific! We'd like to stay in touch with you!

Thank you so much for your prayers, and many blessings to you, too, Dug.



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