Jason and Cassandra called 8/19 from Seiad Valley at 6:00.  They got their resupply box, and were ready to hit the trail for another 6 or 7 miles before calling it a day!
Cassandra says that hiking feels more like this is the life they live now.  The days just seem not normal if they are not hiking.
A 30 mile day is not unusual now. 
But .. today was hot.  As we talked on the phone it was 103 degrees. 
They are currently in a valley, but it is cooler up in the mountains.  They will be back in the mountains tomorrow afternoon.
Jason said that Seiad Valley reminds him of the terrain around Leavenworth, so he felt right at home there.
By the way ... Cassandra treated herself to a hamburger today! 
It wasn't that good, though.
But, the milkshake was awesome!!
8/21/2010 01:11:17 am

Yeah...beef its whats for dinner!! Give it some heat! Got the postcard, loved it! It means so much to us that you wrote, thank you guys!


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