Cheers to the first entry!  Jason and I pray that sharing our hike via this website would be a blessing to you.  We'll be using this site as a way to share pictures, journal entries, and other fancies with you from start to finish...As a disclaimer: We leave the task of finishing ultimately in the hands of God, but our wills are strongly directed towards completing this adventure in it's entirety-Canada to Mexico!  Pray along with us for good adventures, flexible spirits, safe travels and wonderful growth as husband and wife!

Jason and I met in 2004 while working together at 
Covenant Harbor Bible Camp in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  I like to think of it as love-at-first-sight, but that's a different story for a different day!  We shared a friendly enthusiasm for long-distance hiking, simply in conversation. Taking the cue, he lent me a book of his called Beyond Backpacking, by Ray Jardine.  Besides being a "very cute" gesture, the book itself was a great introduction for me as a beginner and made me more aware of my desire to try something as crazy as hiking across three states. Lo and behold, about a year later we were married, and this enthusiasm had to sleep below the surface for awhile...Until several years later when it could be awakened...(cue dramatic music)  

PCT-2010  Here we go!!!  (That one's for you, Thom
Weighing our gear last summer
2/27/2010 11:32:04 pm

Wahoo! We are so pumped for you guys in this journey and adventure…and what a great website! You can bet we'll be following along with interest and praying for you guys. …just don't become like some of those people in the videos…we were a bit creeped out by them… ;) hehe We love your hearts and desire to do this. Huck it huge and keep posting as developments arise!

2/28/2010 12:39:31 pm

YAY!!!! Here's to many adventures ahead for the Boyes'! I love you guys and will be praying as you walk on. Thanks for sharing your journey with us on here...totally looking forward to it.
all my heart...Megsy


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