It's late right now, but I feel this kick of energy from getting the chance to communicate with you via the internet and connect with some friends...Rich and Cindy, we'll call you tomorrow!  This evening passed right by me and it was a little late by the time I thought to finally call!

So yes, Hello Oregon!!!  Today seemed to go on forever..I don't know what it was; walking more than 20 miles, not eating enough, being tired from lack of good sleep, having really achy feet, the thought of being in town...the miles just seemed to drag on.  We made it into Cascade Locks, Oregon, walking over the infamous Bridge of the Gods, around 7:30pm.  Then we decided to check the Best Western to see what their availability was for tomorrow and learned that they were all booked!  They said they had a room available for tonight, and so Jason and I decided to just go for it.  Two big things, they have laundry and internet, so those were the clinchers.  We're undecided as to what to do for tomorrow as we still want to spend another day here.  There are other motels, so we'll see what happens...

I took a nice long bath, ate some icecream and watched a little T.V.  Popped some blisters, cleaned my toes, rubbed my feet, did laundry...And now update, so I think I'm ready to lay my head on that nice, soft pillow!  Thank you Lord for mattresses...

I'm going to send our card of pictures out to Rich as well as our journals, so keep posted to finally "see" what we've been up to!  Thanks again for all the comments you guys!  It's really fun, like Christmas, to see them or hear about them from Rich! :)

We're well and still thankful that we're able to be out here with each other, taking each day as it comes-with the good and the bad...and let me tell you, there's plenty of both ;)

Much love,
7/27/2010 12:31:06 am

You guys are doing great! Keep up the hard work. I'll be praying for you and can't wait to hear about the next part of your journey.

Jill Foss
7/27/2010 01:23:05 am

OK. So I cried again. It's getting to be a habit. So proud of you guys.

Love, Jill

Curt Esteb
7/27/2010 02:55:46 pm

Cassandra, thank you for the call a few days back. We changed our plans and are now road tripping August 6th- 13th. Will go check out Forks with my girls and do the "twilight tour" - all the rage for teen chickas, and then quickly head to San Juans and Mazama. Would have been cool to see you guys. We will need to wait until next winter. Way to knock off WA, and get on with state #2!

Greg Johnson
7/27/2010 05:25:30 pm

Great job guys, we think and pray for you often!! Stephen and I were in Trout Lake 10 days ago and thought about you, too bad we missed you. I'm sure you're thankful for the good weather and looking forward to some great sights in OR. Have a great time with eachother and know you are on our minds. Love you and keep up the great work!!


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