Rich here ...
It is Cassandra's birthday!
She is celebrating by sleeping in a real bed in Sierra City, CA.
Today was a 34 mile day.  The most yet.
Yannick and Shirley did 38 miles yesterday so they could catch up with Boyes.  Yannick pressed his Spot about 10:00.  I'm not sure if they will leave together tomorrow, or if Yannick and Shirley will leave ahead of them, since Jason and Cassandra will have to wait for a UPS package with new shoes to arrive in the afternoon.
Jason says the "new" trail angels at Sierra City are fantastic.
Spirits are high.  They are healthy. And, the weather is good!
Jonathan schmidt
9/10/2010 09:43:58 am

You guys are RAD! You've been in my mind and prayers all summer. Happy Birthday Cassandra! I didn't realize that we're the same age, I turned 27 in June, It's kind of strange hey?

Peace be the journey bro & sis!

Jim Belanger
9/13/2010 12:47:37 pm

Hey Cassandra,
Happy Birthday a little late.

Next time I'll know and it won't be very hard to remember your birthday since it is the day before my mom's.

Well what else to say besides the fact that I'm enjoying being able to watch your progress on the PCT. Keep on trucking.

Your friend,


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