Mt. Jefferson, Olallie Lake porch with Stan and Lakewood (john), Timothy Lake Recreational Area (tons of people!), dusty trail, horses, northbounders are now coming, lunch with 'Big Daddy D', a little bit of snow around Mt. Jefferson, pretty rocks/ponds/flowers/landscape, burned area, warm temperatures, little water, beautiful "golden hours", laughter and stories with hubby, Psalm 19, trail magic @ Santiam Pass!  Cookies!

Big Lake Youth Camp is a great place!
It feels good to see a camp again and be reminded of our own time ! Covenant Harbor and of course YD.  So much energy and friendly, curious people - we ate dinner and breakfast, camped out on a beach and I finally got to admire the stars and two shooting stars!  We normally go to bed too early! But, we sat up with some of the staff, chatting away while I was also doing our laundry in the best laundry room ever! (Ask me why later  J) And, now this morning, a beautiful morning, we ate some yummy pancakes, talked with some more staff, Stan showed up, and I'm just enjoying sitting by the lake in the sun, looking back on an amazing week, and looking forward to the next , with Crater Lake coming up!
Thinking and praying for so many of you, and looking forward to our next internet access!  YCassandra

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