This man is multi-talented!
My man made it!!!

I am so pumped for Jason!  He made it all to way to Stehekin today-calling again from our new-found friends' home there.  (Thanks Patrick!)  I feel like I'm beaming over a child of mine or something;  I'm just so proud of him.  Especially after learning about the one group that left early, I'm thankful that all went well for him and he beat the odds.  Praise God!!  Wooo! 

I'll pick him up tomorrow, let him rest a bit, and then surely we'll be off again!

Thank you for your prayers everyone!!  Jason even mentioned a thank you, too.  I didn't get a lot of details from him, so even I look forward to him updating the journal!  

Cheers everyone!
7/7/2010 05:37:21 am

Woo hoo! I'm so sotkedto hear that you are feeling better too so you can get back on the trail! Take your time at first. I'm prayin more snow melts. I haven't checked the S. side of Stevens again lately, but hopefully it keeps melting. There is almost no snow on many of the ski runs since it gets more sun, so it may be better to just hike up the runs rather than he first part off in the Big Chief woods.

Are you guys still planning on putting up your gear page? I'm interested. How are you doing water purification?

We prayed for you guys at the staff meeting today.


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