It's been over a month since we first started at the Canadian border and oh what a month it has been, impossible to put words to and I'm so glad that I get to share this with my wife.  She has been doing amazing pushing through blisters, knee pain, etc.  I'm so proud of her.  After our 2 days in Snoqualmie, where I was able to get a cheese pizza and chocolate milk, we were eager to hit the trail.  The forecast was positive and I was excited to see Rainier.  This has been the most southbound friendly of all the trails with emblems and signs all over the place.  The trail has been incredibly well graded and mostly free of snow until Chinook Pass.  The views have not disappointed, they have been fantastic.  Something in me gets all excited when I see big mountains, not that I want to climb them, I just want to look at them.  Overall the section went really smoothly, not much snow, tons of mosquitoes by the lakes and we met quite a few other people (2 couples section hiking north from White Pass and a few day hikers.)  Well, I'm not much for journaling so you'll have to wait for pictures!

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