The best room in Stehekin
Stehekin, WA is quite an incredible place.  For those of you unfamiliar with the town, you're only able to get there by plane or ferry across Lake Chelan, or hike in, making it a unique place to visit due to it's inaccessibility and what that means for life there.  There is no cell phone service but there's a satellite phone that's available for use.  There are several establishments to lodge at, with activities like bike-riding, hiking, white-water rafting, and horse-back riding.  There's a fantastic bakery as well as a great place to dine at.  There's a post office, laundry and shower room, and a place to camp for free!  Really an amazing place...especially when you've been out in the mountains for a little while ;)

We were thankful to have the opportunity to spend several days there.  Jason had wanted to take me there for my birthday and it never panned out, so he felt like this was taking the place for that.  We splurged and got a really great hotel room right in town, and there we rested our injuries, enjoyed the amazing weather, watched a US World Cup game, and really just enjoyed Stehekin as much as we could while being immobilized!

We also met some great people there-all friendly and helpful to us.  I love watching our lives intertwine with others-maybe even for continued friendships.  Cas, the guy we had met at the Bridge Creek Trailhead, told us about Patrick who was in Stehekin.  We did find him and he was the one that helped us use a phone to call Rich.  Right after I had got done speaking with Rich, I was introduced to Anna, and as I was shaking her hand, I said "And I'm Emotional", because emotional I was after having shared with Rich some of what we'd been through!  :)  Two Rangers named Nick and Marc were also amongst  those who were great to talk with.  Thanks you guys for welcoming us in and for making yourselves available to be of help to us.  We really valued all of you! 

After three days and two nights, we realized that our injuries were not getting better...unfortunately.  It was tough to make the decision, but we bought our ferry tickets and made the plan to head back to Plain to try and recover, not to mention let the snow melt off a little more.  It took us the rest of the day to get home, but it felt wonderful knowing that we atleast had a place to go home to.  :)

Now it's Monday, and we've been home at Rich and Cindy's for a week.  A Week! (And they haven't kicked us out yet ;)  ) Our injuries still are bothersome, and now Jason seems like he has the flu or something!  It's so hard to believe that all of this is happening, when all we want to be doing is hiking.  
TRUST is the word that pops into my mind while praying.  And that's exactly what I'm going to do, because I believe that my Papa has it all figured out.  

We ask for your continued prayers-they've been answered before, surely they'll be answered again...to His glory
The swelling and redness on Jason't right leg

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