This gets Rich caught up on Journals ... whew!

This section was one of the best so far!  We rested in Etna and while we were at the grocery store, a couple named Yannick and Shirley asked us "Are you Jason & Cassandra?"  Sure are!  They're another Southbound couple and we ended up walking almost this whole section with them!  Along with the beauty of Mt. Shasta and the Trinity Alps, we had so much fun laughing, splashing around in creeks, telling stories and burning through the miles!  We've definitely made a good team and it's been such a treat having pretty consistent company.
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We've been recognizing that even though we've been walking for so long, our bodies still tell us when it's been enough.  And keeping on the weight continues to be an issue.  On a scale in Etna, it said I weighed 124 lbs.  That's 11 lbs. lighter than my normal!  Whoa.....

All in all, everything has still been awesome!  We passed the 1100 mile mark and we're looking forward to the half way point!  

Y Cassandra

Hi Guys,
Do you remember us, we met in Oregon by a water station. We are done with our hike now and need to start working again. It was awesome, we went until White Pass and that was our 1000 Mile goal on the trail.
We will check your journals an hope you have a great time all the way to Mexico. The High Sierras will be the best.
Take care
Mona and Mel


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