the morning was bluebird, not a cloud in the sky, i was thinking that i was almost out of the snow and ... i was wrong, there was still quite a bit of snow and some tough route finding as i postholed in the snow and had a hard time following the trail through trees etc.  i did make it out of the snow and didn't exactly know how far i had to go to get to high bridge.  i did know that it was about 8 miles from swamp creek, but not everything is labeled.  i passed what i thought might be swamp creek and just kept trekking thinking, wow, i'm making good time, i've got to be getting close to high bridge, this is so exciting, maybe i'll finally see somebody.  again, let me emphasize that i thought i was close to high bridge.  then i came up on a sign that said swamp creek... i couldn't believe it, i still had 8 miles to go.  that was a long 8 miles, maybe even the longest 8 miles ever.  i was tired, my lack of sleep was catching up with me, it was really warm and i really wanted to just curl up and take a nap. 
my saying to myself was, i don't have to go fast, i just need to keep moving forward and so i did, step by step.
i made it into high bridge at about 3:30pm and had to wait until 6:15 for the bus.  i dried out some wet gear and just relaxed.  right about 6:00 a guy came running down from the macgregor trail and came over, turns out he had just run up the mountain, talk about hard core.  we ended up talking for quite awhile and i saw him and his family in stehekin a couple of times and we headed out on the ferry together the next day and talked about all kinds of things.  marriage, raising kids, nature vs. nurture, families, jobs, etc.  it was much needed conversation and i really valued our paths crossing.
well, this was my third time in stehekin this year, i finally made it to the bakery the next morning, got 2 cinnamon roles to bring back for cassandra.  i signed the register in the post office, made some connections with mark and james at the visitors center, even talked to jon the intern ranger for quite awhile outside the store before getting on the ferry.  derrick in the store gave me the latest updates on the world cup and all i needed now was to see my wife.


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