We've heard so many good things about a place called Callahan's, and after having walked nearly down all of Oregon without a day off, we decided we would splurge and get a room there for two nights - along with eating the all-you-can- eat spaghetti and pancake meals they offer for hiders.  We heard a rumor that the restaurant was closed on Tuesday, so we thought that if we walked 30 miles a day, we could get there on Sunday and would be able to enjoy everything.  So with a renewed goal, we powered ahead and made our first 30 miles!  And we felt good!  Usually we're both sore towards the end of the day - when we get up from breaks, we hobble down the trail until our muscles warm up and stretch out again.  It's made us laugh multiple times - we look like grandma and pa!  But no, we felt really good and couldn't explain it!

Now the next day was a different story!  But even though we were less strong and spent a lot of time talking with other hikers, we were still able to get our 30 miles in.  The terrain is perfect for big miles!  We did climb up near Devil's Peak for our first views of  Mt. Shasta, but other than that, there wasn't much elevation gain and loss.  We tried observing a Meteor Shower from our camp that night, but didn't end up seeing too much.  It still was pretty though.  (This was actually night one from Crater Lake.)

We slowlyNight two we stayed at the Brown Mtn. Shelter with Eric and Joan Jet (Bump) and Freebird.  We passed the Walking Sisters who I was excited to see since I followed their journal while at home.  It was good to chat with that group!
Ø      Lava beds - grrrrrrr..........
Ø      Amazing stream by the road, so refreshing!
Ø      Mt. McLaughlin

The next day I was not feeling so strong.  The hot weather and little water just about wilted me.  But we made it to Hyatt Lake and enjoyed some pizza and ice cream - talk about revival!  We got our box, packed up and headed out again.  I did receive some news from home that sapped my revival again.  My Uncle Tom recently had a stroke and after a few months, passed away at home. Such devastating news - on such a beautiful day walking through some of the prettiest trail I've seen with butterflies flittering, the wind blowing through the tall grass, my heart was heavy and tears flowed from my eyes for the pain my family must be experiencing.  Please keep them in your prayers - the loss of a husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend is great for many.....

A storm rolled in and we made camp with the sound of thunder and rain drops as our lullaby....

 made our way to Callahan's - the owner picked us up on the road with his dump truck!
J And then when we climbed out, we were met with enthusiasm by our Northbound friends, Tradja & Jess (Swipe)!!!  We dropped them off at the Southern Border and had been anticipating our meeting for so long - what perfect timing because Jason and I got a room and those two plus Eric all got to enjoy it for some time as we caught up and ate fruit and other yummy things!  What a blast!  It was so good to see them!!  Good memories.J

So we've been Eating, resting, Eating, watching Toy Story 1 & 2, Eating AGAIN - it's been so great!  We're on the move again though!  Ready to cross that border into California tomorrow!  Oregon has really truly been beautiful - so many good memories to take with us!  Seiad Valley - here we come!

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