Rich here,
It looks like Cassandra is getting to this before me!  Oh No!!
So, now it is catchup time.  Here is what she wrote in here journal for the trip from Callahan's to Seiad Valley:
Leaving Callahan's, we were so full of pancakes, spaghetti and fruit!  We walked down the road and went down the wrong street -thankfully the owner, Ron of Callahan's, came driving up and told us to get in!  It was so nice to have a ride back up to the trail!  From there we ascended up, and up, and up....  the weather was turning on us and we experienced some cold wind and rain.  We hunkered down by a place where some people had left coolers of sodas for hikers - there were none left but it was great to sit on the coolers!  We chatted with a section hiker named Bobby, then continued on as the rain let up.  It was so cold being on the ridge with the wind blowing so hard.  It's crazy when it's hot and cold all in the same day...

The next day we crossed into California!  Oh man, our final state!  Signing the register there, I wrote something to the effect of "It feels like we're ending one adventure with WA and OR, and beginning another with CA."  It's just such a big state and the culture in and of itself is so different.  Trail Angels, trail magic (coolers and rides, etc.) make for quite a different experience.  It's going to take us about 3 months to get through it!....  And I'm really looking forward to everything that's going to happen in those months.

Seiad Valley was so hot...   We ate some food (I ate my first cheese burger in about a decade) and I was so full.  We were trying to shop for our resupply in the small store and I felt like I could pass out.  We stayed until it cooled down a little, chatted with Rich and Cindy from the pay phone, then did the 6 1/2 mile road walk to our camp spot by the trail.  It was getting dark and we were completely unaware of the rattlesnake that we walked alongside, until it did it's famous warning and made Jason high-step!  Our hearts were pounding!  Then that night I awoke to something trying to claw it's way up from the ground underneath my head!  Here I am, half asleep, pushing on the ground to prevent whatever it was from popping up.  People could make horror movies out of stuff like this, but I'm like "Go dig your tunnel somewhere else!"  Then I see Jason sit up like he was a Jack-in-the-Box!  Ha Ha!!  It was trying to come up under his head!  It never did though and left us alone.  The next morning we awoke to a squirrel dive bombing us with pine cone shells.... Great!  And a couple of days ago, I was sitting on the ground reading, and I heard something start running toward me.  I turn around and a chipmunk nails me in the back and runs away!  I'm not a tree!  J  Kooky animals.....

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