Here is latest journal from Cassandra. 
This may be the last journal we will receive since getting to a mail spot may be difficult for them before they finish the hike .........
10/30/2010 03:11:12 pm

Hey there! I met you on the trail head at Hwy 18 (mile 266) in Big Bear. Really cool to talk to you two and I wish you the very best! I left you and I hiked SB the 13 miles to Onyx Summit (1N01) in 4.5 hrs just in time for night fall. Woke up to snow this morning and cancelled my planned hike for today--something you can do when you are section-hiking :) Look forward to reading about your last few miles! Be safe. God Bless. Find me on FB @

jim Belanger
10/31/2010 01:40:28 am

Hi guys,
I just checked the weather forecasts for the next week in your general area. It looks nice, so keep on trucking, you're almost there.

God bless you and keep you.

your friend,


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