It wasn't until we were just about to leave Cascade Locks that we realized that we needed to get to Gov't Camp before 4 on Friday so that we could pick up our package from the post office.  That meant we couldn't dill dally!  We enjoyed walking along the Eagle Creek Trail as it meandered along the river, hopping from waterfall to waterfall. We camped along the river the first night after having seen the infamous Tunnel Falls, where the trail goes behind the waterfall - very neat! The next day we made it to Ramona Falls, which was probably one of the prettiest waterfalls I've ever seen! We ate some licorice and enjoyed the view before going to set up camp.

Friday we made it to Timberline Lodge, which was the exterior setting for the movie "The Shining". There were a lot of people there and we didn't really know what to do with ourselves! We walked around inside and I marveled @ the Brunch they were serving featuring local Farmer's Market items.   Loved it!    
It was a bit pricey so we didn't get to eat it ...

Mt. Hood was impressive to walk around - and people were still out skiing on it! It was a funny picture to see Jason with his hiking gear on, walking next to someone with full snow gear and snowboard in hand!

We decided to walk down! a ski run to Gov't Camp and made it in time to get our package, eat in town, and get back out and walk about 7 to 8 more miles to the trail. We enjoyed some doughnuts and chocolate milk @ the Chevron along with the rain and 'Motorcycle Mike' and 'Swimmer Man' (Funny memory)!. It was a quick section but felt good to get some miles done in Oregon.

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