Jason called Cindy, and here is the latest ...
Took 2 zero days at Callahan's.  It was wonderful!
The cell phone battery is dead, and the charge is at the next resupply point.
Before getting to this point they did 3 - 30 mile days in a row!
Got to catch up with Traja and Jess and have some good time discussing hiking experiences.  They are NOBO.  Met them at the PCT orientation last Spring.
Now, it's on to California!!
Should hit the 1,000 mile hiked so far.  Half way in another 300!
Curt Esteb
8/18/2010 04:13:18 pm

Nice... Great to hear you guys are safe, healthy, and moving at a great pace. We can't wait to see some pictures of the Oregon section of the trail. Cheers, Curt


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