The second half of the High Sierras: rugged, fall colors, mountains of rock, cascading waterfalls, hot-springs, wild-animal sightings, highest elevations of the trail..Forester Pass at 13,200 ft., the highest point on the PCT,  loomed in front of us, begging us to pass before winter storms set in...But what happened?  Los Angeles received record-high temperatures and we traipsed through the Sierras with beautiful weather, day and night!...Until we reached Forester Pass and snow started to fly!  Other southbound friends of ours were days behind us and were unable to cross the Pass due to the weather...we had just made it!  We flew down from Forester Pass across a barren landscape to find shelter from the storm within tree-cover...then on to Kennedy Meadows to resupply, chow down, and where we would run into Giraffe and his wife Zookeeper (Dick and Heidi); a great treat to have new friends to hike with!

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Much adventure and love!