well, its been awhile since we've last updated.  we were babysitting three youngsters, 7,5, & 3 for a week, so let's just say that there wasn't a lot of time to focus on the trip, although we did go to the park many times and went for "hikes", which consisted of pushing strollers, or hearing  about how tired certain peoples legs were (and that was just cassandra, just kidding).  
so here we are with a couple days to get out and enjoy a quick backpack trip.  we are just leaving from our house, heading into the woods and finding a level spot to set up our tarp.  its supposed to thunderstorm today and possibly snow tonight, but we figure that its only one night and we can do anything for a night.  (reading that doesn't exactly sound like two hard core hikers who want to go out for 5 months, it looks like a couple of wannabes that have settled for an easy way out, which is exactly what it is) we'll hike anywhere from 5 to 10 miles in, it'll be fun.
we registered for adzpctko (annual day zero pacific crest trail kick off) and are looking forward to road tripping  down to southern  california in about three weeks to meet some other hikers and get star struck as we see some celebrities from the "walk" series that we've been watching.  thanks squatch!!
check back in a few days to hear about the trip, how the gear did and what things we will be changing.  we also got our sticpic (thestickpic.com) this week, looking forward to seeing the pictures.
ps. i'm taking the gps, although i haven't figured out how to get the topos onto the silly thing yet.  yes, i love technology...
Farm Arm
3/31/2010 06:56:43 am

Hope the gear preforms well! Everyone at staff meeting was making jokes about how puny your packs looked.

Even wannabes have to start some where though, so don't be to critical of a rinky dink overnight! Love guys,

Farm Arm
3/31/2010 06:57:52 am

That last bit was supposed to say "love you guys..." Just 'love guys' sounds a bit wierd. No i'm not gay...


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