Jason and Cassandra found the following note along the trail, It was taped with Duck Tape ...
"Hey Friends!        7/26
  My Dad & I were out hiking & thought you might have not passed here yet, so thought I would leave you a little note. Praying for you both on this epic adventure. Pray that He gives you the strength you need to walk HARD after HIM!

Huck it HUGE! 
Cora -- YD Oregon"

What a neat surprise!!
Marti, Jerry, Gage & Gavin
8/7/2010 10:04:33 am

Hi J & C,
Just wanted you to know that your Snoqualmie family is praying for you both daily. We are so proud of you both and are looking forward to hearing many tales of you adventures for years to come! It was fun hearing your voice a few days ago and hearing about your trip into Cascade Locks. Make sure you call again when you are able. Marti & Jerry are headed to Baniff for the next week - our first long term camping trip with the new truck. (We spent 4 days with Gary and Ruth in Yachats on the Oregon Coast last week. They send their love.) Gavin's big birthday bash is tomorrow - we'll miss you. Gage is keeping on with the job search and helping getting the mobile home ready for Connie.

Love and blessings from all 4 of us!

PS - Kenai sends his love, too.
PPS - Remember, if for some reason you need to leave the trail early, you can always come home. ;-)

8/9/2010 07:39:08 am

Cindy called me today to tell me about you finding the note, and I was so stoked to hear that you got it... definitely made my day. You are both in my thoughts and prayers! Love to you both!

8/23/2010 09:59:00 am

Love it Cora! That's awesome.


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