View from the upstairs balcony looking toward the trail
Hello from Sierra City!!  This is one of the most charming towns so far on the trail!  And Margaret and Bill of the Red Moose Cafe have a really special place here in town and very much welcome all hikers!  Jason and I are waiting on some new shoes that are coming in the mail so we've been taking advantage of the internet, phone, laundry and really cool room that we got for the evening.  I'm going to upload some more pictures for you to see, so this is kind of like an overload since Rich just put a whole bunch on-but you know, when it rains it pours!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday!  I enjoyed the company of my hubby, Yannick and Shirley, Margaret and Bill, and another hiker named Chuck.  I took a nice hot bath, rested in bed, ate an amazing meal that Margaret prepared, and was surprised by a tower of cheesecake and doughnuts with a candle on top!  I was so full that I had to go lay down!

I love how being on the trail has reminded me of how amazing some essential things are...When asked what I wanted for my birthday, I was completely serious when I said a bed and a warm room.  Well first I asked to sleep in for 15 minutes more, and hubby let me go for 17 minutes!  What a guy!  But the other two things are what I got and I couldn't have been more pleased...

I'm going to post some pictures in sections and I hope you enjoy the trail some more from our eyes!  What an adventure...I just need to stop losing weight...My butt is disappearing!  (I'm not joking)  :) 

The pictures below are from the day of my birthday, and then this morning.  The terrain here in the Sierra Buttes is beautiful but painfully rocky in some areas!  We had to descend down into Sierra City (31 switchbacks I believe) and as I counted them, when we got to 27 I got a picture for my "27th" birthday :)  
Curt Esteb
9/10/2010 08:29:58 am

Very cool, what a great way to spend your 27th B-day. It's good to hear your spirits are high. Pictures are awesome!

Lisa Esteb
9/10/2010 03:51:06 pm

Happy Birthday, Cassandra! 27 years looks beautiful on you. Enjoy it to the utmost.
Much love, Lisa and Family

9/10/2010 07:16:55 pm

YAY! You guys are awesome. What an experience. And what gorgeous scenery, and to just day after day after day be almost consumed, swallowed up in it. Makes me want to do it...though I'm sure it's not all doughnuts and cheesecake :)

Happy Birthday!

9/12/2010 07:42:36 am

Glad for you! Keep on celebrating.
Thank you sooo much for the frequent phone calls. I really want to visit Sierra City now. It sounds really amazing! We love you guys!!


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