we made it through washington, the smoke never came back, we cruised into oregon, the land of someone else pumping your gas.  so here’s the story, we cruised down hwy. 97 through the middle of the state, got to bend to get gas and couldn’t find a gas station.  you would think they would put them easily accessible to the hwy, nope, had to take 2 different exits to find one and when we finally found one, i jumped out quickly and started pumping my own gas, take that oregon!!  as i washed all of the bugs off the windshield, two attendants came over and carefully watched over the gas pump to make sure they took it out of the tank and gave me a receipt.

just a reminder here, we were in flip flops that whole day, beautiful weather, views for miles.  we slept at a rest stop that night and woke up to rain and cold temps., as we drove to the california border, it started to snow.  we stopped for gas in weed, california and wandered into a coffee shop bakery to warm up and watch it dump.  there wasn’t any accumulation on the roads, but a good inch or so along side in some spots.  cassandra got a coffee and a croissant and i got a day old bear claw.  caught up on some local news, a climber died on mt. shasta, which we couldn’t see at all because of the snow and clouds, and the local community college softball team is having a great season, 6 homeruns in 2 games.

not too much farther down the road we came to an exit where the pct crossed under i-5, so of course we stopped, checked out the crossing, hiked a little bit of the trail to see what it will be like and took some pictures.  we loaded back up in the van and went to the little outpost of castella just a mile or two south on the freeway where we will be getting a mail drop and resupplying with some snacks.  we wanted to go in and look around, but didn’t want to be weird, so we ended up buying some postcards as we scouted out the place.

from there we drove down to just outside san francisco where we stayed the night with our good friend bonnie, who is staying for a week with her parents.  they are a beautiful family who graciously opened up their doors to let us stay overnight.  right now as i write, cassandra, bonnie and bonnie’s mom are doing a work out in their gym where bonnie’s mom is a personal trainer.

we are thankful for friends and good counsel about marriage.

thanks chalmers fam!!

we are now off to southern california and maybe even some more pct road crossings.

Farm Arm
4/30/2010 03:04:34 am

Livin the dream! So happy for you guys!


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