June 18



Cassandra:  I didn't write this in my journal, but I just remember this day being so long...We were already behind our schedule so much due to slow travel.  Jason was really excited about the thought of getting to Hart's Pass this day, but that meant going over four mountain passes and about 11 miles.  Sketchy scree fields, going in the wrong direction, long traverses, my achilles heel now hurting...it just seemed like such a distant goal.  I remember being on top of one of these passes and seeing some kind of structure in the far distance.  I mean like looking out at one of the many mountain peaks, and thinking "We need to get there.  Today."  It was overwhelming.  But later that day, when we were actually traversing UNDER that same structure, I was blown away by the fact that we had actually walked that far and that our goal was in sight.  Unbelievable.  One step at a time... 


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